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Dear prospective suppliers


Thank you for reaching out to VIVA Procurement. Here at VIVA we consider our suppliers as partners in our mission to provide unique services and products that satisfy the aspirations of our clients and accommodate their needs. This is only achievable through a strong and transparent relationship with our suppliers built through mutual trust and cooperation.


Therefore our existing suppliers are a source of strength and a major asset in achieving our mission and we always strive to increase our base of reliable and capable suppliers. We highly encourage the participation of suppliers that have the technical and financial abilities to further our mission and enhance our range of unique products & services.


Our i-Supplier portal is your gateway to registering with VIVA Kuwait, rest assured that our Procurement team will review each submission and will inform you accordingly of any eligible tenders. For any further queries regarding supplier registration please don't hesitate to contact VIVA's Procurement team at: Procurement@viva.com.kw


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