Promising new levels of value to customers in every conceivable way, VIVA, one of Kuwait's leading telecommunication providers, has announced that it will be bringing the true essence of ‘more' to life across all its consumer touch points.
VIVA's ‘more' platform is built on the belief that while life can be enjoyable and rewarding, consumers are always seeking that little bit extra enrichment as they go about their daily lives. It is this ‘yearning for more' that VIVA will aim to satisfy.
Leading Telecoms provider to offer new customer-centric services, technologies and experiences Consumers will soon experience ‘more' through a number of ways:

• ‘more' sharing: An expanded reach and extended network, alongside greater signal strength and quality has improved data speeds to enable customers to share content and conversations like never before.
• ‘more' fun: New and existing partnerships with leading brands open the door to incredible experiences.
• ‘more' solutions: New Enterprise services for businesses.
• ‘more' choice: A broad selection of the latest smartphone handsets and packages give more freedom to customers.
• ‘more' reward: A new Al Diwan service for elite customers.
• ‘more' to society: Impactful CSR initiatives to give back to those in greater need.
VIVA has been witnessing rapid growth in the Kuwait market in the recent years. The ‘more' campaign is the company's way of giving back to the customers and providing them with greater value for money. The new brand character will speak more directly to the consumers' natural desire for ‘more' and engage them in a warm and conversational tone. Consumers will soon be able to experience ‘more' through an expansive communications campaign across all major customer touch points. With its new brand avatar, VIVA will deliver on this promise every time a customer enjoys a service or product, helping their lives get that little bit more joyful and rewarding.