• Get a beIN subscription and 1 TB 4G LTE internet for KD 18 Football season is getting hot with your favorite tournaments unfolding. VIVA lets you catch your stars in action with a beIN receiver when you subscribe for KD 18 only. Also enjoy an amazing 1 TB Internet for all your downloads, chats, games, movies and much more. What are you waiting for, Subscribe now.




  • VIVA VoLTE 2016




  • Give your SIM a break. VIVA brings you a flexible solution to let you save on your bills while you are not using your line. Just activate the Line Suspension service by visiting any of our VIVA branches and enjoy your vacations without worrying about your bills. This lets you suspend your line temporarily for a selected period and reinstall it when you are ready. And dont pay for the whole suspension period.




  • The KD 7 Postpaid Package Unlimited VIVA to VIVA minutes, 5 GB internet and free social media access.




Managing your account has never been easier Samsung Galaxy VR Pay your bill quickly for post paid numbers
The latest promotions from  VIVA Recharge your prepaid line  with VIVA
We are always keen to be  as close as possible Get the order at your doorstep in 24 hours with one click


Apple iPhone 6S 64GB Internet Box 50 KD Huawei P8 Lite 8 KD Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB _21kd


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