VIVA Powers GCC Cup 2017 Stadiums with WIFI Connection

Kuwait, 22 January 2018: VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, announced upgrading its last mile network with the latest Huawei’s Super Dual Band, SDB ‘’E-Band’’ technology to test and support WIFI experience in Kuwait. The project aimed to supply the best broadband user experience during the GCC Cup 2017 at Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium and Kaifan Stadium.

VIVA has updated its backhauling bandwidth with the newest SDB microwave solution, through cooperation with its strategic partner, Huawei Technologies Kuwait. The solution caters extensive traffic generated by deploying innovative hypogenous WIFI broadband network. As a part of VIVA continuous leadership in Kuwait Information and Telecommunication market, VIVA targeted delivering the best internet user experience in stadium areas during the GCC Cup 2017.

Eng. Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Badran, VIVA's CEO commented: “VIVA has always distinguished itself to be a market leader in technology and provide the customers with the most advanced solutions and technologies. VIVA is the first company in Kuwait to bring SDB solution in order to expand the capability of existed traditional backhauling systems up to 20Gbps transmission speed ‘’E-Band’’ and to provide fiber like alternative solution.  VIVA has used the new technology to avoid long time fiber deployment and to ensure extreme capacity availability in the stadium during the event period. “

VIVA has successfully deployed its access network and commercialized its WIFI system in a week time to cover Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium and Kaifan Stadium. The WIFI supports delivery of simultaneous video, digital services and data to large number of wireless devices.

VIVA will utilize SDB to provide reliable mobile network performance by microwave backhaul, which supports both the evolution of 4.5G and the introduction of 5G in Kuwait.  VIVA Chooses “SDB” solution to build long-distance and large-bandwidth microwave links which used to ensure optimal Point to Point transmission network maintaining Mobile Broadband services for consumers segment. SDB can be utilized in Business to Business ‘’B2B’’ and Business to Government ‘’B2G’’ applications to present Enterprise speed capability use cases.

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