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  • Business Hour Select

    Gain more value during your hours of operation. VIVA Business Hour Select gives you the ability to allocate your hours of operation and receive discounts on voice rates during your allocated time frame.

  • Corporate International Discount

    The global business landscape requires communication at local and international levels. Cut your costs and gain more value with our corporate international discount rates, giving you the ability to connect on a global level.

  • My Favorite Country

    Select one country and get free minutes, and lower minute rates with our My Favorite Country offer.

  • Internet Roaming Plans

    Keep up to date with your e-mails and stay connected anywhere, anytime using our internet roaming plans. Get to choose the plans that suit your needs from a range of options giving you the most value and efficiency, all around the world.

  • Surf-On Plans

    Benefit from a range of internet plans with VIVA Surf-On. You can now stay connected with the plans that suit you best.

    • 4G LTE speeds
    • 5GB or unlimited download capacity
    • Annual plans for special subscription fees
    • Best monthly rates

  • Blackberry Packages

    The Blackberry package by VIVA is the most comprehensive on the market giving you a range of valuable benefits and features: BlackBerry® Server and software license, BlackBerry® Client Licensing, and monthly BlackBerry® subscriptions A choice between unlimited local usage, or full unlimited usage anywhere in the world BlackBerry® roaming, limited usage, Pay As You Go or unlimited VIVA-to-VIVA voice calls The best monthly rates