Get the eCards you need with your VIVA line

Now you can buy your favorite apps, song, games and much more with your VIVA line with just a tap. VIVA brings you all the eCards you need to make your mobile payments simpler using your VIVA line without any credit card or K-Net. The amounts will be directly deducted from your prepaid balance or added to your postpaid bills making your life way easier. It's simple, fast and secure.

What's available:

  • iTunes Cards
  • Google Play Cards
  • PlayStation Cards
  • Xbox Cards
  • Steam Cards
  • Nintendo Cards
  • Facebook Game Cards
  • Cards
  • eBay Cards

To activate the VIVA eCard:

Send E to 50600 and receive an eCard menu list via SMS. Reply to the SMS with the eCard code that you need. Receive the voucher details, and make your purchase.

For more information

Please call our Contact Center at 555

Terms and conditions apply

VIVA Helpline
For assistance call 102
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