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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to provide unique services and products that satisfy the aspirations of our clients and accommodate their needs, which in turn will earn us their trust. This is through presenting our customers with numerous telecommunication opportunities with the goal of boosting our relationships with them and giving them the best experience around the clock.

Our vision is embodied in a fundamental and detailed understanding of the Kuwait market and focusing on the needs of customers in everything we say and do. We have pledged to work to enrich the lives of our customers through telecommunications, entertainment and information, and data transfer services.

Our Values


Our passion is performance, innovation, and delivering of superior quality. We are efficient, reliable, and highly responsive to our clients' needs.


We are open, trustworthy and collaborative.


We offer a wide range of easy to understand products. Our actions create value, helping our customers lead more rewarding and enjoyable lives.


All of our activities revolve around our customers.

VIVA Helpline
For assistance call 102