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Terms and Conditions of Monthly Direct Debit

Kuwait Telecommunications Company K.S.C (VIVA) provides a monthly 'Direct Debit Service' to its subscribers to facilitate monthly bill payment through banks on the following terms and conditions:

1 . When the VIVA agent receives the call from the subscriber, the VIVA agent shall explain the service and record the call as well as the confirmation received from the subscriber. The subscriber's recorded confirmation shall be deemed as the subscriber's acceptance to the terms and conditions.

2. VIVA shall send the terms and conditions through an SMS to the subscriber in the attached link. The service will be activated only after obtaining complete information from the subscriber, including but not limited to his/her bank account details.

3. For activating the service, the subscriber shall:

a. Provide the VIVA agent with correct personal information.


b. Ensure sufficient balance in his/her bank account to pay the monthly invoice.

c. The bank account must be in the name of subscriber.

A. VIVA has the right to suspend or terminate the service due to any of the following reasons:

a. The subscriber violates the Terms and Conditions of the Direct Debit Service.

b.The subscriber does not update his/her details when there is a change in bank or personal details, or fails to confirm his/her details, or subsequently submits false or incorrect information to VIVA. The subscriber shall bear all costs incurred by VIVA resulting from such false information.

c. If the invoice exceeds the credit limit for any reason.

d. On request of the public authorities or banks.

5. The subscriber accepts monthly invoices issued by VIVA. In case of objection to any due invoice, the subscriber shall pay the invoices in full on the due date and thereafter submit the objection for settlement. In all cases, the subscriber's right to object to such invoices expires 15 days from the invoice date. No objection shall be entertained thereafter.

6. Should any direct debit be stopped for any reason, the subscriber shall be liable and he/she shall pay the accumulated amounts directly to VIVA. In addition, the subscriber shall directly contact the VIVA complaint unit to find out the reason for the rejection. If the subscriber fails to either contact the complaint unit or resolve the issue within 15 days, he/she shall be held liable for any fines, invoices, legal collection fees, judicial fees etc. incurred on the subscription number.

7. . The subscriber shall notify VIVA if the account number given to VIVA is changed or renewed or in case of any issues related to the bank account.

8. VIVA has the right to change the service Terms and Conditions at its discretion and the subscriber shall also amend the terms of service to be in conformity with the new conditions. Changes when made shall be published on the VIVA website. If the subscriber is unwilling to accept the changes or fails to comply with the changes. VIVA has the right to discontinue the service.

9. . If it is proven that the subscriber's bank account details aren't in conformity with the subscriber's personal details, VIVA has the right to disconnect the service and refund all the collected amounts against the subscription number and deposit the amount collected to the card holder's account. In such cases, the subscriber shall be liable for the payment and face any subsequent legal action in this regard.

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