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What is WAVO?

WAVO is an online streaming platform powered by OSN which showcases you favorite movies, dramas, box-sets and more. With a single subscription you get unlimited access to HBO box sets, premium TV series, kids’ movies Hollywood blockbusters and Arabic hits all in HD and with Arabic subtitles. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now and let your benefits take off.

What is the special Ramadan series?

You can enjoy two exciting Gulf drama series on WAVO this Ramadan. The series include Wa Ma Adrak Ma Omy, which tells the story of a handicapped mother who deceives her children about her illness for a reason. The second series is Ifraj Mashroot, which follows the story of 4 people who return to their orphanage looking to trace their biological parents. The gripping plots and the narrative styles make them a must watch.

How to Watch It?

You can pay for the subscription in 2 ways:


  • Open the link on our VAS promotion
  • Go to the consent gateway, where your VIVA line will be automatically identified
  • Select ‘Confirm’
  • Enter the verification code that will be sent to your phone in the given field
  • Receive an SMS text confirming your subscription


  • Send 1 to 50664
  • Receive an SMS notification confirming your subscription
  • You will be charged KD 1 as fee for 1 month subscription
  • Receive the link to download the WAVO app
  • Start enjoying the content


  • Exclusive HBO boxsets
  • Video on Demand Library – movies and series
  • Over a 1000+ TV shows and series
  • Register up to 5 devices per subscription and watch on 2 simultaneously

VIVA Helpline
For assistance call 102