Winnit! subscription payment now available with VIVA
To activate, send 1 to 50725

It’s your way to keep playing and keep winning! Winnit! brings you gamilfied quiz content, challenging your brain power in fun and exciting ways. What’s more, cash prizes worth $60,000 are up for grabs, through monthly, quarterly and annual draws. Now you can subscribe to Winnit! using your VIVA line and enjoy all the fun without any hassles.

How to subscribe:

  • Send 1 to 50725 for just 150 fils/day
  • Get an instant SMS notification confirming your subscription
  • You will also receive the app’s download link from 50725
  • Click in and enjoy the service

Draw schedule:

Dates No. of winners Prizes
31 May 2019 3 USD 5,000
30 June 2019 1 USD 10,000
31 July 2019 3 USD 5,000
31 August 2019 3 USD 5,000
30 September 2019 1 USD 30,000
31 October 2019 3 USD 5,000
Total USD 60,000

How to subscribe:

  • Collect points by giving the correct answer (each correct answer equals one point)
  • Bronze coins require 200 points, silver coins 1,000 points, gold coins 5,000 points
  • Bronze, silver and gold coins are used for monthly, quarterly and annual draws, respectively
  • Once the amount of points required for each coin is collected, you will automatically enter the respective draws
  • The amount of times/slots you enter any draw is unlimited and depends on the amount of coins you obtain
  • The more coins (slots) you collect, the better chances you have of winning a particular draw
  • The game can be played without limit
  • The service includes 40,000+ questions sourced from the top trivia content providers in the world

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